Friday, December 19, 2014

UP! Tonight! 19/12/2014

Ultima puntata del 2014 per UP! questa sera, repliche a parte! A condurre la trasmissione saranno Paolo e Trinita' che avranno come ospiti la band udinese dei La Haine. Ecco come si descrivono (in inglese) sulla propria pagina facebook: "La//Haine is an Indie band based in Udine, Italy. The project started in October 2011 when four different personalities got together with the intention of creating music as a way to escape from the distressing dynamics of life.What came out was a mixture of sounds and ideologies which had deeply influenced all of them during their teenage years: a mixture of '80s post-punk, a bit of late '60s garage psychedelics and of '90s shoegaze . Combine this to a visionary, late-romantic philosophy applied to the contemporary age, add an onirical portrayal of humanity filled with spiritual and magical research and you shall obtain a vague idea of what they sound like: a call for help and an accusation coexisting together." Si parlera' dei loro progetti futuri e del nuovo ep.

Altri ospiti della serata saranno i ragazzi del Motoclub di Variano (UD) oltre a Francesco Bernardinis e Yankee Germano per la parte dedicata allo sport.

Come sempre siamo in onda dalle 19 alle 21 come ogni venerdi' sera, sulle solite frequenze di Radio Onde Furlane o in streaming da

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